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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

leading to large increases in performance and fuel efficiency

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The Dpf (diesel particle filter) is fitted in the vehicle’s exhaust system to filter and trap the diesel soot particles. This can block up very easily and cause no end of problems, from poor running, lack of power and excessive fuel consumption, as well as making the vehicle go into limp mode and putting a fault light on which is a MOT failure. We can adjust the dpf sensor settings in the ecu software and also remove all the problems caused by the restrictive diesel particle filter fitted in the exhaust system.

This removal leads to a large increase to performance and fuel efficiency, and with the dpf faults removed you will not have to worry about having the problems associated with it again.

We can offer this service to totally remove the dpf from the vehicle’s exhaust system and clean it out and reset the ecu,(engine control unit) which we recommend,

We download the ecu data and manually search through this data and remove all the DPF data which are related to the DPF fault codes,this is the only sure way of removing all the problems from the DPF system to stop them from reoccurring.

We can also carry out a specially priced remap offer if taken out at the same time as the dpf service which totally transform your vehicle, with a new found lease of life.

It is not illegal to remove a DPF filter from your vehicle, but it is a offence to modify a vehicle in such a way that it no longer complies with emmissions standards it was designed to meet,if no DPF is visually present for a MOT test where one was fitted it will cause a MOT failure.

We can regenerate the DPF and cancel out the DPF fault,also we can sometimes clean out a DPF although these can only be a temporary fix we can also replace a blocked DPF with a new OEM DPF unit if you wanted to return the vehicle back to standard specification

These DPF services are available to customers in South Wales. We have an automotive workshop in Glynneath needed to carry out the DPF services near to Neath and Swansea, just a few miles from junction 43 off the M4.

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