Monthly Offers

Special Offers

Discounts for multiple bookings, fleet owners & Car Clubs

Special Offers

Limited Time Remapping Offer

Your vehicle remapped with it’s own custom made remap from only £175 in this limited time offer.

Multiple Booking Discounts

2 vehicles custom remapped by OBD from £330

That’s an amazing £165 per vehicle during this offer period.

Remap & DPF Removal

Special deals on complete dpf removals and a remap done at the same time.

lykan hypersport, lykan, hypersport

Fleet Owners & Car Clubs

We offer a free remap for every 6th fleet vehicle remapped via OBD .  Our remap service is popular with taxis, delivery companies, haulage firms, sales fleets and public sector organisations.  Try one of our remaps for yourself. What have you got to lose?

Trucks & HGV's

Trucks and HGV vehicles.  Limited time special offer, a custom made obd remap at £300 per vehicle, or 2 done at the same time for £550. Other discounts available for larger fleet bookings.

Big money savings to be gained,with a fast payback from the fuel savings,Truck owners if you take 15% off your total fuel bill to have an idea of what you could typically save in a year.

Car Clubs & Forums

We offer special discounts to Car Club members and Car Club Forum members who want to block book for ecu remapping, please ask us for details.