Audi A3

Gary Davis, Neath
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Audi A3 Remap
What our customers say.

“Dear Mark,

After many months of extensive research on the internet about remapping, I was so pleased that I managed to sit down and discuss the options and benefits with you personally. Not only were you informative and professional, you answered all my questions and put my mind at rest.

When a person spends his/her hard earned cash on a vehicle its instinctive to want the most out of it, be it performance or economy. With the suggested remap from you I have managed BOTH.

I am very happy with the outstanding service I received from you and likewise the results of the remap which has increased my MPG from 45mpg to approx 53mpg and a remarkable increase in acceleration.

I drive my car carefully and it is well looked after but after the remap I couldnt stop smiling because of the difference it has made and it took me back to my younger days with the hot hatch performance cars I had the pleasure of owning.

I am extremely pleased with your service and have passed your details onto many of my friends and colleagues. I wish you all the best for the future of your business and if I could say anything to potential customers it would be ‘GO FOR IT, YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED’.

Yours sincerely

Gary Davies, Neath

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