Our Terms

Please take a look over our terms and conditions. If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Terms of Service

We confirm our commitment to ensure all clients are happy with the customer service we provide to them and our specialist technical services for their vehicles. These terms and conditions provide mutual protection for Elite Ecu’s and its clients.

All vehicles brought for Remapping or DPF removals will be deemed fit upon presentation and it is not the responsibility of Elite Ecu’s to prove so.
Accept it is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of your vehicle’s ECU remap.

Any unforeseen damage or liability that may occur during or after the process is not covered or guaranteed by Elite Ecu’s, As many components
have a limited service life and we would not know when they are likely to fail before or after a remap. Elite Ecu’s will advise the customer of any
faults they diagnose or have become apparent before, during, or after the remapping process to the best of their ability.

If you are not happy with the remap and in the highly unlikely event that there is a mistake in the remap and your vehicle is returned to us within
14 days from the date of the remap process having been completed we will try and resolve the issue. Or we may remove the tuned file from your vehicle and replace it with its original stock file and refund you if our work is at fault.

If you return the vehicle to us because it has developed a fault within the 14 days after the remapping process and the fault is not directly related
to the actual work we have carried out you will not be entitled to a refund.

A refund does not appy to vehicles that have had the ECU removed for remapping or the DPF removal process carried out, or has recieved any other modifications.

Prior to the DPF/Remap process starting, Elite Ecu’s will carry out a diagnostic scan to ensure the vehicle has no issues that we can see that
may affect the process. Not all faults will create a fault code or record any faults or problems on the vehicles ECU, so it is your responsibility to
notify us of any faults or problems beforehand or of any non standard parts that may have been fitted to the vehicle.

Please note that it is illegal to use a vehicle on the public road that has had the DPF filter removed and we will not take any legal liability if you
choose to use the vehicle on the road once the DPF software or filter has been deleted/removed. If your vehicle fails an MOT due to the DPF/EGR
software, or filter removal, Elite Ecu’s will not be responsible for this.

A DPF delete may not cure any underlying problems the vehicle may have. If a fault develops that is directly related to the work we have carried out
we will attempt to fix the fault. If we cannot fix the fault then we reserve the right to remove the software we used on your vehicle and return
it back to its original condition. We cannot give refunds on vehicles that have been subject to the DPF removal process. If the DPF process fails then
a new DPF filter will need to be fitted to the vehicle and the ECU re-calibrated (put back to how it was when it left the manufacturers. You
will be advised of this and you authorise us to supply and fit a new OEM DPF filter which is chargeable.

As part of the test drive the aim is to ensure that your car has responded well to the remap service and ensure that the new settings have not caused any noticeable faults with your vehicle.

If later you do report any faults with your vehicle in the 14 days after the service has been completed, we ask you contact us straight away, We
will give you any advice possible to help you resolve the problem and we may ask you to bring the vehicle back to us for a diagnostics check or to
tweak the remap within the 14 days if we feel this needs doing.

We will not travel to your location for this; we require clients to bring the vehicle back to our garages.

We may ask you to have your vehicle diagnosed by a third-party mechanic to independently verify any issues that may later arise and if this is the
case, these additional fees will not be covered by ourselves.

If at a later date your vehicle is diagnosed as faulty we can un-install the remap for you and put it back to it’s original settings, no refunds
will be given for this. We can re-install the remap for you once it is fixed, however we may charge for this depending on how much time is
required to re-install the remap.

If you choose to use remapping as an option to try fix an existing issue with your vehicle we are happy to help with this: for example, if your
vehicle is in limp mode and you suspect the EGR valve is at fault, we will perform an EGR delete for you – however if this doesn’t fix the issue we
will still charge for our time and the service provided.

The Customer must Accept all power/torque gains from your ECU remap are approximate, as are the actual figures of your engine’s quoted power and torque figures from your car manufacturer.

Accept the fuel efficiency of your vehicle after a remap depends on a number of factors including but not limited to: outside temperature,
driving style, tyre pressures, and regular and correct service maintenance of your vehicle.

The remap settings that we install never change; so when we complete your vehicle remap it will continue to perform at the capacity it did on arrival or to show the improvements from our work that it did after the remap.

Once remapped we are confident in the services provided, based on the optimal remap settings which are the most suitable for your vehicle, which should produce noticeable benefits following our work, if an issue arises with your vehicle at a later date it will most likely be due to a mechanical fault, not a fault with the remap itself. Once the mechanical fault is fixed your vehicle should revert to its optimum performance.