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Tuning Diesel Cars

We have been very busy recently with removing DPF problems from customers’ vehicles, as there seems to be many vehicles suffering with the same Dpf symptoms. These range from the dashboard fault light coming on, which is now a mot failure, to suffering the loss of performance, to using more fuel, then the vehicle eventually going into limp mode.

We can eliminate these problems by removing the dpf faults and resetting the dpf software in the vehicle’s ecu (engine control unit) so the dashboard light will not come on and the vehicle will not go back into limp mode, or in some cases by removing /replacing the faulty dpf, which consists of removing the faulty blocked dpf from the vehicle’s exhaust system and resetting the software back to it’s normal settings in the ecu. 

This is what we recommend as a permanent fix to eliminate all the dpf problems, as cleaning the dpf or carrying out a forced regeneration of the dpf is normally only partially successful and buys you a few weeks free from the dpf problems, before the fault’s return, and costs almost as much as us removing these problem’s permanently.

Also if you choose to have your vehicle remapped at the same time as taking the dpf fault removal, we can offer this extra service at a very special price to totally transform your vehicle with an increase in engine power of around 30% along with a fuel saving of up to 20% to go with it, which most of our customers have taken advantage of this offer when having their vehicles done.

Contact Mark on 07974007405 for more details and prices.

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    1. Hi Tony. Yes no problem. We’re always happy to provide a quote for van remapping and I cover Bridgend. I’ve sent you an email with a price. Best wishes, Mark

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