Testimonial – BMW X5

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Testimonial – BMW X5
What our customers say.
A 4×4 owner who had just bought a BMW 3.0d X5, had checked out many remapping companies, before he decided who to use. We are glad to say he chose us and we remapped his vehicle at his home near Cowbridge this week. He decided on a stage 1 remap which was a split between power and economy. After remapping his vehicle he drove it to try it out in the lanes around his house and could not get over the power increase along with its smoother running engine. He later texted me later to say,
“Hi Mark.   I just ran the x5 to work on my normal run, 38.1 mpg! drives like a new car.  Thanks again, John.”
It’s good to get such positive feedback from happy customers who let us share it with others.

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